I returned to my love of art around 25 years ago.  With the commitments of raising a family, enrolling in an evening class to do life drawing seemed the best way forward. An opportunity came to use clay and it was then I discovered that this would be the material that would satisfy my need to create.
Drawing still underpins my design ideas and the many years of drawing the human figure have greatly influenced my current work in the form of angels and nomadic ladies. I impress all kinds of materials into the clay such as antique lace, shells and woven textiles to create and emphasise surface texture.

In 2002 my husband and I purchased Rockhouse Bank Farm in Normans Bay. It is an elevated property, located in splendid isolation, with breath taking, panoramic views over the Weald, where the gentle undulating line of the South Downs meets the sea at Beachy Head. It is a stimulating and beautiful environment to have a studio.

Whilst ceramics is at the heart of my practice, I explore different mediums and techniques in order to develop my ideas. I am constantly challenging myself and working to evolve my work. I am extremely critical of everything I make, knowing this part of my artistic process results in more successful outcome and development.


I greatly admire the work of Giacometti and Klimt, the latter particularly for his unique deployment of colour and pattern.

My association with the Chalk Gallery in Lewes ­has enabled me to work alongside other artists. Chalk is an artist run gallery, devoted to promoting its artists and their work and I am currently exhibiting my work there. I hope you will take the time to come and visit and have a look at mine and the other artist’s wonderful work on display. You can view some of my work on the Chalk Gallery website.