Julie Snowball

I have been working with clay for the past 30 years and never tire from the creative possibilities this medium offers me. My ceramic works have moved from primarily organic sometime vessel related hand built forms to, figurative and imaginative pieces.

Sometimes I set about to portray the human figure in a spiritual form. Very often I create variations on the same theme; my angels are still developing with each one I make. The hand building process allows me to think as I work and push the clay that little bit further.

Life drawing underpins my design ideas this have greatly influenced my current work in the form of angels and nomadic ladies. I impress all kinds of found materials into the clay such as antique lace, shells and woven textiles to emphasise surface texture. I see each piece as transitional, a bridge to the next stage of learning something new.

I greatly admire the work of Giacometti and Klimt, the latter particularly for his unique deployment of colour and pattern.

The Pavilion pots are thrown on the wheel and assembled; these forms were inspired by Brighton’s iconic Pavilion. A recent trip to Venice resulted in my Venetian themed buildings.

At present I am creating pieces of a much smaller scale, which I have found has made me focus on producing a small maquette. This will allows me to experiment with form colour and texture.

The possibilities and versatility that clay offers will be enough to fill a life time of creativity.